Insights Now Available

Announcing Insights: Invaluable Data at Your Fingertips

We've added a huge new feature to PartFinder!

Want to make your advertising efforts more effective based on what shoppers are looking for? Or adjust your purchasing needs with insight from searches? Or run a promotion to focus on popular (or even unpopular) fitments? PartFinder utilizes your shopper's search data to help you analyze your business and make key marketing and/or inventory decisions quickly.

Below are depictions of some graphs that are available in Insights. Note: we used sample data taken from our own test store in these examples.

Insights Snapshot:

The Snapshot shows you a search recap at a glance.

Insights Snapshot Screenshot
Top Searches:

What searches are coming up most frequently?

Top Searches Insight Screenshot
Most Popular Filter Choices

Don't just glance at your completed search data -- do something with it! You can analyze what shoppers are looking for at the field level. Discover what make/brand/manufacturer is most popular ... or least popular. Imagine running a promotion for the most popular product line ... or discount your least popular products to unload them for good.

Insights Snapshot Screenshot
Search Requests by Time of Day & Day of Week
Insights Time and Day
Other Insights
Daily Search Counts:

See the volume of filter requests and search results for a period of time.

Least Popular Filter Choices:

The least commonly utilized filters (with at least one request). Being informed about what is unpopular can be as valuable as knowing what is popular.

Top Search Pages:

See where on your store shoppers are searching from. How can this help you improve engagement?

Shopper Screen Sizes

See the device screen sizes are shoppers searching from.

A Sidebar on Data Integrity

The data insights we provide are only available to you. We do not sell your data, nor is it ever being shared with third parties. No customer-specific or personally identifiable data is being captured at this time.

Insights: Unique to PartFinder

PartFinder is the only fitment search app offering key insights to help with your marketing and inventory efforts in real time -- and at no extra cost! In addition to our great customer service and superior features, we know that adding PartFinder to your ecommerce arsenal can't help but improve your customers' experience and your bottom line.

Coming Soon...

Additional Insights are on the way as well as other exciting features, so stay tuned for more updates.



Very impressed with this app, it was very easy and painless to implement. It is very quick and responsive when searching for a part. Scott & the team at Part Finder have been great to work with as well, quick responses to questions & issues. We are very happy to have found this app.

5 Star Review

BigCommerce Store Owner & PartFinder Fan