Search Insights Helps You Better Understand Your Shoppers

Analyze your shoppers' fitment search behavior to better serve customers and manage your store

Analyze Shoppers' Product Search Behavior

The Search Insights feature provides unique, user-driven data that gives you invaluable feedback for marketing, inventory, and forecasting.
Want to make your advertising efforts more effective based on what shoppers are looking for? Anticipate your customers' needs better by knowing what they need and when. PartFinder uses your shoppers' search data to help you analyze your business and make the improvements you need to run a successful ecommerce business.
Search Insights Dashboard

Search Insights Dashboard

Start with a quick glimpse of three key data points:

  • Mappings to Products Ratio (how many mappings compared to how many products with mappings)
  • Filter Requests Count (any search field selection)
  • Search Count (any search request where product results are shown)
Insights Top Searches Chart

Top Searches

What have been the most sought-after items in your store? Knowing what your shoppers are looking for most helps refine marketing efforts and purchasing strategies.

Insights Most Popular Choices

Most Popular Selections

These charts show the most common search filter choices in your store. You might use this data to create targeted marketing promotions for your top items.

Insights Least Popular Choices

Least Popular Filter Choices

Why throw good money after bad? Learn from where shoppers are looking (and not looking) to better refine your product catalog, create promotions, and more. It might be time to discount your least popular products to unload them for good.

Insights Search Trends

Search Trends

See how your top search selections are trending over time. Is something on the rise? See and respond appropriately.

Insights Top Products in Results

Top Product Results

See which products show up in the product search results most often.

Noteworthy Benefits

Discover how you can better market your products to potential customers based on what shoppers are looking for.

Use Search Insights to stock products that your customer base is actually searching for.

This feature is available for all plans (though the Advanced Insights are for Pro & Premium plans only).