Fitment Match boosts shopper confidence

Fitment Match provides visual confirmation on product pages that a product matches search criteria.

Want to give your shoppers extra peace of mind about their search result?

With Fitment Match you go beyond search results and boost shopper confidence.
Fitment Match Example

Increase Customer Confidence

Fitment Match confirms that a shopper's fitment criteria indeed matches the current product and can encourage conversion. This is especially helpful if a customer is performing searches for multiple items or browsing around your site.

It increases shopper confidence by serving as a check to the shopper that their fitment criteria is indeed a match to the product they have chosen and can inspire the Add to Cart click.

Fitment Match Design Tool

Design It Your Way

Fitment Match can be customized in various ways to fit your needs and previewed in the PartFinder app.

Here's what you can customize:

  • Product Page Location
  • Checkmark, Font & Background Colors
  • Confirmation Text
  • Display Fields

Noteworthy Benefits

If a shopper searches for Year > Make > Model > Location, Fitment Match can even display on products for the same Year Make Model but with a different location, even if the shopper did not search for that location.

This feature is available for Pro and Premium plans only.