Fitment Compatibility Chart provides Product Page Fitment Data

Fitment Compatibility Chart displays all product fitment data on product pages.

Display detailed Fitment Data on your Product Pages

With Fitment Compatibility Chart you can provide key data for shoppers even if they have not used the search tool.
Fitment Compatibility Chart Example

Provide Helpful Data

Our Fitment Compatibility Chart is designed to show all fitment for a given product in a helpful table format.

Help your shoppers whether they arrived to a product from an online search, internal fitment search, or merely browsing. This can provide the details necessary to convert a shopper into a customer.

Fitment Compatibility Chart Design Tool

Design It Your Way

The chart can be formatted in various ways to display as you like. Design your Fitment Compatibility Chart to match your company branding for site continuity.

Here's what you can customize:

  • Product Page Location
  • Table, Font, & Pagination Colors
  • Title & Description Text
  • Display Fields

Noteworthy Benefits

A shopper can verify that a specific product fits their item or vehicle. They can start with a product they like and then see if it fits, not just the other way around.

It also allows a shopper to verify product fitment for multiple items.

This feature is available for Premium plans only.