Fitment Capture Marketing

Market directly to your shoppers based on their unique fitment.

Leverage Customer Data for Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Generate leads and follow up on qualified opportunities where you know the prospect's fitment.
Fitment Capture Marketing Form

Capture Shopper's Fitment Data

Knowing your customer's fitment details is incredibly valuable. Now you can capture it!

Capture customers' fitment search criteria when they place an order. Utilize this data to verify order fitment, to understand customers better, and to market directly to their needs.

Shoppers can also submit name, email, phone, and, of course, their fitment criteria for follow up. Whether you offer products for their fitment and they want to be notified of updates or if they would like you to reach out because they could not find a product for their fitment, you can respond to actionable opportunities.

Fitment Capture Marketing Opportunities

Manage Your Opportunities

Don't just collect the data, respond to the opportunities. Monitor your opportunities and respond in an informed manner.

MailChimp Integration Automation

Automate Your Fitment Marketing

Our MailChimp integration allows you to connect to your MailChimp account and automatically send new opportunities into an appropriate list with fitment data.

Once in MailChimp, automated drip campaigns and marketing emails sent to unique list segments allow you to reach out to customers in personalized ways that help drive sales.

Export Marketing Opportunities

Export It

Have a CRM that you use to manage your sales opportunities?

Export your data to pull it in to whatever system you use. You can filter exports to a specific date range or Capture Type to access just the data you need.

User Data Search & GDPR Redaction

Find & Redact User Data for GDPR

Are you selling products in the EU and need to find what data you have for a user? You can search and find all personally identifiable information and fitment data has been collected for a user to be compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Our redaction utility allows you to redact user data easily.

Noteworthy Benefits

Discover how you can better market your products to potential customers based on what shoppers are looking for.

Use the insights to stock products that your customer base is actually searching for.

This feature is available for Premium plans.