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Help your customers find the right product match via custom search filters (like Year/Make/Model) in your BigCommerce store.

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Help Customers Identify the Right Product Fast

Sometimes a standard search bar isn't enough. PartFinder features advanced search functions for parts that require precise matches to other products (like finding the right filter for a refrigerator), complementing your existing search. Its handy, customizable widget tool helps users find what they’re looking for via a series of choices, reducing frustration, increasing sales, and reducing product returns.

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Add a Conversion Increasing Part Finder Tool to Your Unique Product Catalog

No matter the size or shape of your store, PartFinder can be customized to your specific needs. Whether you sell automotive parts, appliance parts, toner, gifts or something else amazing, you can configure our tool to aid your customer in the buying journey.

When a shopper can quickly and confidently find the product that matches their search, conversions increase and RMAs decrease.

"This app is must have, if you sell auto parts or computer parts like us, especially when your customers do not know exactly what part to order. Design is great, functionality too. Lots of customization.... They offer trial too, and their support is outstanding.

Uses for PartFinder

Here are a few ways BigCommerce stores are using PartFinder:
Printer Ink & Toner
Home Appliance Parts
Light Bulbs, Batteries & More
How Will You Use It?
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Awesome Benefits

Helps customers find products faster & more accurately

Increases customer confidence

Reduces support effort & staffing

Increases conversion

Built with you in mind

Super Cool Features

Choice of widget layouts, plus an easy design editor -- and no coding!

Handles hundreds of thousands of records - quickly

Helps analyze your business needs with search result graphs displayed in real time

Includes mobile responsive design for great customer experience

Get Started in minutes

Easy Setup Choices

Easily create & order custom fields for filtering

Bulk import part mappings for fast setup

Widget configuration tool for quick, easy changes

Customize colors to your site's color palette

Quick & Easy Setup

Using PartFinder’s step-by-step setup makes offering your customers a customized product search experience a cinch -- with no coding! There are four components to getting PartFinder up and running:

Four Easy Steps

Creating your search fields

Adding your part mappings

Designing your widget with our helpful design tool

Adding the PartFinder search widget to your BigCommerce store

No credit card required for trial

7 Day Free Trial

Get the app now to try it out with no risk
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Affordable Pricing

Your investment in PartFinder is easily offset by the time savings and increased conversion.

The Standard Plan includes all our features and works for 90% of stores.

Enterprise plans are available for stores with above average usage needs (5,000+ searches per month or 500,000+ part mappings).

Want advanced customization? Contact us for custom development needs.

See additional details in the PartFinder BigCommerce Appstore listing.

Great for most stores

Standard Plan


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